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ASweetLife (ASL) is an online diabetes magazine, created and written by people living with diabetes.

ASL was created in 2009 by Jessica Apple and Michael Aviad both of whom live with diabetes, with the belief that although diabetes is a very serious and frightening disease, life with diabetes can be normal. Rather than think about diabetes in the negative sense of an illness, ASL presents it as a lifestyle for those determined to live healthily as diabetics.

While there are other online content providers in the market, ASL occupies a unique niche as a high-quality journalistic magazine, whose content is determined and supervised by patient advocates.  Thus, it has a strong voice of and by the community, yet has been able to offer very high quality writing and expository journalism. Unlike other online publications ASL has many contributors each with their own voice and approach to living with diabetes but all of whom believe that life with diabetes should be great.

Sometimes dubbed the New Yorker of diabetes, ASweetLife is the place where high-quality diabetes journalism and real life diabetes stories come together.  ASweetLife also provides recipes and tips for healthy living.